First Time/Second Time Only

• May 6, 2020 - 15:24

Doing a Search, I find that this has been discussed multiple times -- though I'm not quite clear on which thread is the most recent/relevant, so I'm starting this one anew.

For those (dozen or so) who might be unfamiliar with the issue: While it's easy enough to enter text instructing a live player to play only the first or second (or third, or whatever) time through a repeated passage, it's not so easy to get it to happen on the MIDI playback.

I mainly want to ask: has anything been done toward implementing it?


Hi Bob,

I came across your question because I have the same exact question.

Perhaps, through some acrobatic gyrations, we could try writing out each repeat Long Hand, adding or subtracting as needed for a correct MIDI play through, and then muting directional inclusions for live performers while hiding MIDI-played-only notes as appropriate.

Many of my pieces have this situation, but I have only thought of this potential and thoroughly inelegant solution as I read through your question just now.
I'll give it a try and then let you know the results.

Cover me; I'm going in...

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