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• May 6, 2020 - 20:16

If you lack of improvement, i have one suggestion:

When we have a score with linked notes like in the exemple. If we select the notes from voice 1 and click for voice 2 the software put silence for voice 1 notes except for linked notes which stay in voice 1. is it possible to transform linked note too and put silences?

Because when i have two voices with the same rythm i copy voice 1, put voice 1 to voice 2, and paste old voice 1 instead of voice 1 silences. if the linked notes are not in voice 2 after the paste there is only one voice on linked notes and linked notes for voice 2 have to be recreated.

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Unfortunately it's not totally clear from your description what you are asking for. Better if you attach an actual score then list the precise steps you are following and what you'd like to see happen instead.

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You could find enclosed a better exemple.

measure 1-2 original voice

measure 3-4 Current result when we select the notes and click for voice 2
the measure 3 stay in voice 1, the measure 2 go to voice 2 and silence are created on voice 1.

measure 5-6 What i would like. the measure 5 is now in voice 2 and silence are well created.

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The voice buttons are for moving notes one at a time, and they leave rests if appropriate one at a time. But if the goal is to move the entire measure, don't use the voice buttons, use Tools / Voices.

With regard to moving notes one at a time with the voice buttons, ties were not supported in the past, but in the current 3.5 alpha, they are (I can't remember if that's new with 3.5 or if it was also in 3.4. I see your score was created 3.0.5, that's extremely old.

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