Space between bracketed staves

• May 7, 2020 - 01:56

When I added arpeggio's to measure 25 of my score, the space between the staves suddenly increased dramatically as shown in the attached screenshot. I can find no ways of closing the gap. This happened again when arpeggio's were added further on down the score. Can't find anything in Stave Properties to reduce the space. Any explanation or hint to resolve the problem would be appreciated.

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Deleting the arpeggio's automatically returns the staves to 'normal' spacing and adding a staff spacer fixed down does allow the re-entering of the arpeggio's without the resulting expansion of the space between the staves. Bit of a pain though, having to do this extra step in order to enter, what to me is, a normal part of keying a score. Could this be a burp from version 3.4.2?

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Normally MuseScore tries to avoid collisions, so if it seems something sticking way below one staff, it pushes the next staff further away to avoid the collision. It just happens that in this particular unusual case you 8want* the collision. Eventually we hope to support cross-staff arpeggios directly, but until then, as long as you need to use the workaround of extending one way below or above a staff, you'll also need to tell MuseScore it's OK by disabling autoplace for it. Just press "=" before you edit it.

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