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• May 9, 2020 - 16:06

I suggest that there should separate Forum Topic categories for straightforward "How-to" queries, and discussions of Music, Life, the Universe, and Everything (and the distinction between Popuklar and Classical music.) Does anyone else agree?

(Feature Requests are for features which do not yet exist, Bug Reports for those that do exist, but don't work.)

Also, a shout-out of Thanks for all those moderators who answer these queries, sometimes within the hour, and who álways take the attitude "there are no stupid questions."


There is for actual How-To's

"How To"-questions are fine under "support" to me, so the "support and bug"-subforum suits that nicely.

Discussions of music then fit nicely into this "General discussion" part. Discussion of other Life and Universe stuff simply shouldn't be part of this forum imho.

To clarify. i said I like the idea in the OP. After rereading it, not quite. I think we need to have some more general type discussions, but not so general that we are talking about Hawkin's attempt to find a theory of everything. I mean to step back and take a wider view of the music world in theory and practice, because it appears that we are headed for a culture clash on these forums. We need to discuss what 21st century common practice is now. Because some composers here are 21st century composers but not necessarily using 21st century common practice. The common practice changed drastically with audio and multitrack recording. I want Musescore to respond to that. So far, classical music has been defined by Marc as music that has been written.

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