Tie lines

• May 9, 2020 - 21:38

I'm using ties many times, but when I play the score the tied notes played separately.

Is there a way to play it as two notes tied together ? Thank you...


Probably you are using a slur when you really mean to us a tie. Slurs are in the palette, ties are on the toolbar. See the online Handbook under Ties for more information.

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Please select one of your ties and then check that your "tie" is indeed identified as Tie in the Status bar :
MuseScore - identify tie or slur in Status bar.png

If you are really sure that they are ties but they are not playing back correctly, then you need to upload an example score for us to check out. Otherwise we can only guess.

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The problem is that you only have one note in the chord tied. In the case of ties each note is tied individually. What you are hearing (measure 1) is all but the G being repeated. If you select the stem on the first chord of a tie the press + all of the ties will be applied.

The question is, is this true of all styles of music? I'm not sure. I know it applies to Classical music but this does not fall into that category.

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