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• May 13, 2020 - 08:47

would it be possible to transfer the page settings into the inspector?
The first possibility would maybe be if simply nothing is selected.
A second possibility might be to make pages selectable in Scoreview, so that the page settings appear in the Inspector as soon as I just select the page (I don't know if this is technically possible)

It might look that way.
Musescore 4 Inspector Page Settings.jpg

If you select pages in the preview (or perhaps directly in Scoreview if possible), the settings might change so that the margins are only applied to the selected pages. The other settings might even be grayed out.
Musescore 4 Inspector Page Settings (Selection).jpg


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I thought so too. That's what gave me the idea. I would find it nice because the page settings would be easier to find. For me, everything to insert is on the left in the palettes and everything to edit existing things is on the right in the inspector. Since I have a page and only want to edit it, it would fit into the concept of Musescore for me.

Another thing having been discussed is to show the Styles dialogue in the place of the Inspector when nothing is selected. But Page Settings is also logical. Guess there're quite a few candidates :-)

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Yes, I've thought about that too, but I'd rather appreciate it if there was some kind of layout manager for it, but so far I don't have a good idea how the look could be. For me it seemed to make more sense to place the page settings here.

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Yes, it would not be so easy to find a really empty space without a page. Then you might have to press the "Esc" key. I mean, that's how it works in Sibelius (correct me if I am wrong). The page can also be selected as an element. I've been using Musescore with the mouse and the keyboard to enter notes, but I think it would be an advantage. As suggested in the video about MuseScore by Tantacrul, it might be enough to adjust the view menu so that it doesn't close after each click. For changing "Visible/Unvisible" no extra dialog will open. But this is the case with the page settings so far, so I would add this dialog to the Inspector.

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Yes in the current state I think so. But my suggestion is that the page itself should also be made selectable. This means that it would not work anymore to click on an "empty" place on the page, because then the page would be selected and not "nothing". Do you understand what I mean? Or have I misunderstood the message now?

When the user clicks a blank spot on the the page, the selection is cleared.

When there is no selection, the Inspector panel is currently cleared out as well.

So it might not be a bad idea to use the no-selection state itself to populate the Inspector with the page properties. Maybe even have a separate section with the score properties (title, composer, etc.) too.

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Yes, that would be a good idea too, although the title and composer can also be changed in Scoreview by simply clicking on it. This is not possible with the page settings so far, so the page settings would make more sense for me at this point, because I can so far only access them through other dialogs.

Maybe the settings could be easily accessed via the right-click menu as before, except that they will appear in Scoreview. The margins could then be easily adjusted by drag and drop or by simply entering values. What do you think about this?
One Sided
Musescore 4 PageSettings (One Sided).jpg

Two Sided
Musescore 4 PageSettings (Two Sided).jpg

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