Moving Pedal Elements causes uncontrollable downwards movement of all subsequent elements

• May 20, 2020 - 06:00
Reported version
S3 - Major
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open or create a score using a grand staff (I used a piano) with enough bars to span multiple lines on the page.

  2. Add or select existing pedal markings. (The " |_______/\__________/\___| " type)

  3. Use the middle button in the selection editor to attempt to move the pedal markings upwards or downwards.

Expected outcome:
The markings would move upwards and downwards with the mouse.

Actual outcome:
The markings only move downwards, regardless of mouse movement, and move at a rate much greater than that of the mouse movement.

See linked screen recording. I can provide the mscz file if required.


Expected outcome:
The markings would move upwards and downwards with the mouse or with the keyboard UpArrow / DownArrow.

Actual outcome:
There is no way to move the Pedal mark, other than to use the Inspector. And the wrong behaviour applies even to a Pedal mark covering just a single measure.

[EDIT] I could just have deleted this comment, but I will leave it because the remarks were definitely true not long ago.
Unfortunately the "Actual outcome" I described above is no longer true, so I think this fault must have been fixed - but the Issue is not marked as Fixed. My apologies.
Fortunately I tested again on a new score (using MS, and it now seems possible to move the Pedal mark both with the mouse and with UpArrow and DownArrow.
There's no avoiding my embarrassment for not having checked before I posted the original message...

Status active needs info

I can't reproduce any problem using 3.5 Beta. What versions were people using? There was a bug in the Alpha and some of the earlier nightly builds but it's fixed in the Beta. As far as I recall that bug only affected moving using the cursor keys, dragging still worked normally. But anyhow, all seems fine in Beta.

If anyone still sees a problem in Beta, please attach the score and precise steps to reproduce.