Problem with jazz interpretation of chord symbol playback.

• May 22, 2020 - 10:51

The "Jazz" interpretation feature of chord symbol playback changes the literal chord playback by substituting enhanced Jazz chords. However, the problem is that the playback no longer matches the chord symbol display—a possible source for confusion for the user.

A better alternative, IMV, is to maintain the WYSIWYG nature of chord symbols (i.e. playback matches the visual display) and simply to provide an extra feature which allows users to substitute the display of existing chord symbols with their Jazz variants. The "Interpretation" property could then be removed altogether.


That's not how jazz players work. We literally do see C7 but play C13 or C7b9 or whatever. So typical jazz lead sheets don't show C13 most of the time, they just show C7, and jazz players know they are free to add color tones to fit the situation. The point of the jazz interpretation is to allow this to work as expected in MuseScore's playback - a simple lead continues to look as it should but also sound as it should.

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