Templates should recreate MIDI channel assignments when used

• May 23, 2020 - 01:19

When I create a score or template (in my case for e.g. an orchestral score), I can set the MIDI channels in the mixer.
When I reopen a saved score, the MIDI channels are indeed preserved; this is good.
However, when I create a new score from a template that I created (with MIDI channels specifically assigned), that new score will not have the MIDI channels set to the previously assigned channels.
In my view, this is unexpected behaviour, as one of the ideas of templates is to have a pre-set, empty score, with all instruments working as expected.
When using the built-in synthesizer, it probably won't matter (as instrument definitions are preserved, regardless of MIDI channel), but if one wants to use external audio, e.g. by using LoopMIDI, with audio playing through e.g. Reaper, then this is a major annoyance, as all MIDI channels in MuseScore will have to be checked and amended after creating a new score.
Would it be possible to use the MIDI channels, as stored in the template, when creating a new score from them?
Kind regards :)

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