Adding linked TAB (Guitar) to a Treble Cleff

• May 23, 2020 - 02:40

I am looking to link a treble clef and a TAB, for guitar. I would prefer the treble clef to be on top.
I want them linked so that when I enter a note on either the clef or the TAB, the equivalent note
get installed on the linked TAB or clef.

I can select the treble clef; and I can add a TAB.
But I cannot select a treble clef and then add a linked TAB.

I cannot understand why I cannot do this...... can you explain how I shoud be doing this.
Thanks Kevin


What goes wrong when you try? Should be as simple as select the treble staff in the instruments dialog and pressing the Add Linked Staff button (then changing its style to tab), as described in the Handbook.

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Create New score: (Screenshot 128)
- choose: Treble Clef
- Next
- Choose key
- Next...
- Finish...

Score with Treble Clef appears

Then I look for a way to add TAB (Linked):
- edit/Instrument (Screenshot 129)
- Strings - Plucked
- From drop down I choose Acoustic Guitar (Tableture)
At this point there is only the option to "ADD"
- "Add Linked Staff" is greyed out.

This is the problem. I cannot link them

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Treble clef is for piano by default.
You must first click "Choose instruments", then, press "All instruments" tab, and choose Classical guitar (treble clef 8va) or Guitar (Treble clef)

all instruments.jpg

Don't forget a template Guitar + Tablature is available in "Solo" section (treble clef 8va)


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To be clear: you can only add tablature for a staff that actually corresponds to a stringed instrument and has string data defined for it. That’s because MuseScore needs to know how many strings your instrument has and how they are tuned. That’s why selecting the generic “Treble” template won’t work. Instead you need to explicitly specify guitar, either by picking one of the guitar template, selecting one of the guitars in the Choose Instruments dialog, or using Change Instrument in Staff/Part Properties to convert some other instrument to guitar.

As for the Add Linked Staff button being greyed out, that becomes enabled as soon as you select something (on the right hand side of the dialog) to add it to.

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