Jumping around when pressing play

• May 24, 2020 - 08:45


i'm having difficulties as when I work on big scores and work zoomed in, when I then press play the view jumps back to the most upper staff. That also happens when the next beat happens, when I zoom back in.
Is there any way to fix this (maybe in preferences) and if not, could this please be removed? It is utterly nerve-racking because I can't follow what I just wrote.



If there is only one system per page, MuseScore generally can trace which staff you are interested in and keep it - or at least its original position on the page - in focus. If there are multiple systems per page, it cannot generally tell what you are trying to focus on. So continuous view is one solution, adding page breaks is another.

Turning off application/playback/panPlayback in the advanced preferences section should solve your issue. This option doesn't appear in the 3.5 alpha, which is something I'll have to double check / investigate later.

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Hi Marc, thanks for the reply. I've just learnt about the toolbar button.

However, I don't understand how disabling that wouldn't solve the issue. How is it different from the question asked here?

See: "P.S. I didn't even mention the disaster that happens when you hit the "play" button and the scrolling makes the worst thing ever in order to make the bar that is played visible! Terrible."

Turning it off should allow the view to be in total control of the user during playback.

By the way, I noticed there was inconsistent syncing between the advanced property and the toolbar icon status in 3.4.2. Thus, it makes sense as to why that property was removed in the 3.5 alpha.

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Well, the toolbar button disabling all scrolling, the score won't follow playback at all. So if the problem if that it's hard to follow where you are, I'm not seeing this as an improvement. Kind of like if someone complained about a car responding erratically to the steering wheel, and a proposed fix was to remove the engine :-) But if you don't mind driving the car Flintstones-style - or scrolling manually - and trying to follow the staff of interest yourself (I think you'll find it harder than you might think, if there truly is more than one system per page), then indeed, it would work that way.

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