issues with clef changes

• May 24, 2020 - 14:21

I am having a couple issues with mid-system clef changes:

1) When I am entering notes etc., I will use continuous view; for spacing and clean-up, page view. When I create a mid-system clef change in one view, it is (correctly) created as a smaller clef; when I toggle to page view, it appears as full-sized one. In addition, clefs are created on ALL staves, whether they've been changed or not (although in the attached file I've already deleted those.)

2) When I create a clef change on the first note of a measure, it is created AFTER the barline, which I believe is not standard notational practice.

Thank you.

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1st issue, part b) whether clefs are generated for all systems is configurable in Format > Style > Page
2nd issue is by design. Change on the measure instead if you want it shown before the measure
I believe this also explains 1st issue, part a)

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As mentioned, for the second part, add the clef to the measure, not the first not, to get it to appear before the barline. Appearing after the barline is not as common, but does happen, that's why we support it.

As for the first part, I don't quite understand. I've loaded your file. What exactly do I need to do in order to see a problem?

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