Copying empty measures

• May 25, 2020 - 22:04

Hello, I have used Musescore notation software for long enough to know many of the tips and tricks, but this one gets me every time. When I'm copying a phrase or measure, I'll click and select the measure that I want to paste in, which usually is an empty measure. However, I'm a pretty clumsy person and once in a while, my finger will slip or I'll forget to move my finger and hit Ctrl+C instead of Ctrl+v, Now, since I have that measure selected, it copies the empty measure instead and I have to go re-copy the whole section again, this is a minor thing, but it would be nice if, when you have a blank measure selected, if you hit ctrl-c, it won't copy the empty measure if you have something in your clipboard.


I agree that copying an empty measure is a perfectly valid thing to do, sometimes. But also, I've made this mistake too. Not limited to empty measures, though - it's just as common when copying over existing content. I could possibly imagine there being some special code to tell is a copy had just been performed "recently" and if so, maybe pop up a dialog saying "are you sure" with an option to never ask again.

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An "history" clipboard would solve that quite elegantly I think.

Let's say that the clipboard would have 4 buffers B1, B2, B3, B4
Every time you do copy that would put it in B1, and at the same time push previous buffers like this:
B1 => B2 => B3 => B4, previous B4 being the "oldest" one is lost
When you paste, that would paste from B1.
So using normal copy/paste would not differ in any way of the current behaviour.
BUT you would have special command(s) to paste from B2/B3/B4

Possible fancy things to add (but not necessary in a first implementation):

GUI to "see" what's in the buffers
Actions to switch buffers
Possibility to copy in any buffer

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