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• May 25, 2020 - 22:44

Does anyone know how to have MuseScore3 play through Pianoteq6? I have a loopMIDI port set up for MIDI-out in MuseScore, and loopMIDI chosen for MIDI-in in Pianoteq, but I can't get Musescore to play. Has anybody been able to set this up?

Appreciate any thoughts!

Cindy Lail


My setup is similar to yours (I also use loopMIDI to feed MuseScore output into another app, Cantabile) and it works for me. Just tested now with both Cantabile and the stand-alone Pianoteq app to make sure.

I wonder if MuseScore is taking exclusive use of the sound device on your system. If you switch to Pianoteq while MuseScore is running, do you hear sound when you click keys on Pianoteq's on-screen keyboard?

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Thank you for responding. I really appreciate that. Yes, with MuseScore3 open, with loopMIDI-out chosen, and with Pianoteq6 open, I can play the keys on the PT screen and get my preset sounds. I have noticed though, that I have to lauch MS first, in order to get the loopMIDI out option to appear, and then launch Pianoteq.

Still no success in getting my score to play....

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Let's try to narrow it down. First let's see if MuseScore is correctly sending the MIDI events to the loopMIDI device. Could you install a MIDI monitor app such as Pocket MIDI and use it to monitor the loopMIDI device while MuseScore is playing a score? If you use Pocket MIDI, the MIDI IN Monitor window should fill up with MIDI events as the score plays.

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I downloaded Pocket MIDI. But now I realize that the problem is ... that MuseScore is not playing AT ALL. I have played a score in the past (within MS) and I remember how the curser would proceed through the score as it played. But today, nothing is happening. So I misstated the issue. The problem is that it is NOT PLAYING at all.


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When I start Musescore by itself, it will play the score. But when I launch Pianoteq, MS will no longer play. Or, if I start PT first, and then launch MS, Musescore will no longer play the score -- regardless if the audio drivers are different from PT or the same. Pianoteq seems to be stopping the playing mechanism in Musescore.

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What devices are listed in the Device drop-down list on the I/O tab of the MuseScore Preferences dialog?

Of those devices, which one are you using with Pianoteq?

Also, which API do you currently have selected in the API drop-down list on the same tab?

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In Musescore, the Device is set to ASIO4ALL v2, and Pianoteq is set to the same. And the API in Musescore is set to ASIO. However, today when I tried this, the connection worked from MS to PT -- very poorly, but at least something happened. The first thing that happened, was the MS played in its own instrumental sound, but PT flashed messages that something was wrong. Attached is a screen shot of the message that remained on the screen.

Then I tried it again, and Musescore played in Pianoteq's instrument sound, but extremely slow. So there is progress here. At least something transferred from program to program. But it is still not functional.

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