Adding additional bars below existing bars

• May 26, 2020 - 14:33

What is an easy way to add another set of bars below another set of bars?


Below as in an additional instrument that plays at the same time? I or Edit → Instruments

Or Below as in played at a later point by the same instrument? AltShiftB or Add → Bars → Append Bars…
They'll be appended to the score.

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I want to point out that the stretch command requires the shift + curly bracket to stretch a measure or range of measures. It does not mention that in the manual. If I'm missing something I apologize

Used to increase, decrease or reset the horizontal spacing of notes within selected measures.

Increase / Decrease layout stretch
Select a range of measures. Or use Ctrl+A to select the whole score.
Choose one of two options:
To increase stretch:
Use the shortcut } (right curly bracket) (Mac: Ctrl+Alt+9).
Or from the menu bar, select Format→Stretch→Increase Layout Stretch.
To decrease stretch:
Use the shortcut { (left curly bracket) (Mac: Ctrl+Alt+8).
Or from the menu bar, select Format→Stretch→Decrease Layout Stretch.

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