Can I convert scores I find on musescore to shape noteheads as I can on the windows download?

• May 27, 2020 - 05:18

First of all Musescore is a miracle and I can't believe the stuff I've been able to do on the free version. Thank you to anyone involved in its creation and upkeep.

Question, though: I googled up a mscz score I wanted to put in four-shape noteheads, a thing you can do on the version I use all the time. (It is the stupidest thing to put in shapes. It's Janacek. But there were reasons.)

It looked like to change things about the score, I had to spring for the pro version, which I did. I've been using the free version for a year or two and feel like I owe it to chip in. But so I bought a year's membership and then it said to make changes I needed to access the score on my ipad.

So I logged in there, and got the score, and I was able to change keys, which is neat, but there appear to be very few other edits you can make on the ipad version. Are these just two separate things, with a sort of input program I'm using on my laptop with lots of editing powers and a viewing app I'm using on my ipad that doesn't have those?

Thanks for any help on this silly question.


For score editing you need the MuseScore program for/on Windows, macOS or Linux, the mobile apps for iOS and Android are just viewers/players

Also note that the notation software is fully free, always. There is no paid/Pro version of it.

The Pro subscription is a .com-thing only, and applies to the score sharing platform and mobile player apps. Those apps are indeed playback only.

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So, but the two won't interact, correct? I can only get shared scores on the pro app and can only edit on the notation software, and I don't think I can share between the two because you can only export from the ipad version as a pdf, right? This makes me regret paying for the pro subscription maybe a little.

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Now that you have Pro on the app, you can send your locally created file from your PC/Mac to your iDevice and open it there in the app.

I don't know whether the app supports the shape noteheads correctly, but I thought it did.

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