MuseScore 3.4.2 and my Windows 10

• May 27, 2020 - 19:23

Hello everyone!
Need help. I don't know what happened, suddenly Musescore is no longer working on my notebook.
I have already installed and uninstalled but the problem continues.
First he opened but all the palettes, including the personalized ones, disappeared.
Then it didn't open anymore ...
I click to open and the following messages appear ...

Any guidance or suggestion thank you very much!

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Good Morning!
Hello Shoichi ... What would that command be?
I haven't been able to resolve the MuseScore issue yet, it doesn't want to work on my notebook anymore. I use windows 10 and have already performed some previous procedures but without success.
Any help I am very grateful, because I am doing educational work at home due to the current situation and I need to solve it.


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I read the instructions and opened the file to execute the command as you saw in the PDF file.
This letter where it is written in the command?
I tried to open a score but without success!
It still doesn't work.
Would it be possible for you to copy and paste this command with this letter here in the topic?
I don't want to switch to Finale or Sibelius anymore!

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Yes it is installing in the default location.
I've already executed the two commands with letter F and W (image attached) but nothing happens, simply MuseScore no longer works on my notebook. Previous messages continue. I have already uninstalled and installed several times and it does not solve.

OBS. Encore, Finale and Sibelius work normally.

Any other solution (without formatting the note) to save my life as a teacher?

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-F for resetting to factory settings, uppercase F, -w to disable webview (lower case w), as a test whether this solves the crash if -F does not. And the entire program string in double quotes.

"C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe" -F


"C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\MuseScore3.exe" -w

Just cope/paste those lines. Come on, I told you already and the handbook does too, this isn't exactly rocket science.

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