Unable to run Musescore on Chromebook

• May 27, 2020 - 19:46

I have tried running Musescore on my Chromebook after installing Linux and using the video on the site for Chromebook installation, but it always crashes my laptop whenever I open it (It lets me create a score or click off of the opening menu, but it crashes at anything else, and half the page is always just grey or black)


Unfortunately Chomre OS 81 broke some things about Linux apps pretty badly. Luckily, there are fixes coming in 83, and workarounds for now:

1) To prevent the crashes, be sure to do the install step (running the AppImage with the "install" option). This works around a bug in Chrome OS, but you want to do this anyhow - much nicer to be able to run MuseScore from an the launcher or shelf than to always need to use the command line!
2) to fix the black backgrounds, open your browser (Chrome) and go to chrome://flags. Search for "crostini-gpu-support and disable it

There's another Chrome OS 81 glitch where sometimes you can't type into dialog boxes in Linux apps. Workaround is to temporarily switch to the Play Store app then back.

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