Wrong font sound on copied beats

• May 29, 2020 - 18:52

Why is it that when I copy and paste a beat from one percussion instrument to another, the font is copied also? If i copy a rhythm from the bass drum to the snare, it does not play back sounding like a snare, but sounding as a bass drum. This should not be. When a beat is copied from one percussion instrument to another, the sound should be that of the new instrument.


Sounds are defined by pitches of notes.
After pasting, try pressing the up arrow (and then possibly also the down arrow) once so MuseScore can change the bass drum pitch to the snare drum one.

To explain further:

Unless you have specifically set it up otherwise, all instruments in your score use the same soundfont - MuseScore_General.sf3, by default. They just use different sounds (aka "programs", or sometimes "patches") within that soundfont. Most percussion instruments use the exact same sound. You might be thinking, how can that be, my snare sounds like a snare and my cymbal sounds like a cymbal. Well, that's because the percussion sound that is used for almost all percussion instruments is special: it is set up so each pitch triggers a different sample. So, one pitch triggers a snare drum, a different pitch triggers a cymbal.

When you copy from one staff to another, you are copying the pitches - this makes sense when you think about wind and other pitched instruments. But the same is true for percussion. So if you have notes entered on a snare staff, those notes are entered with the snare pitch (this is set up for you by the drumset definition). If you copy them to a cymbal staff, it's still the same pitches.

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