Musescore crashed and erased my entire score.

• May 29, 2020 - 22:52

I was attempting to put in a half note for a concert bass drum. For some reason, it wasn't putting the note in. I right clicked, and Musescore crashed. I restarted it, and the score was fine. Tried doing the same thing, this time I didn't mean to right click. When I did, Musescore crashed again. When I restarted Musescore and restored my previous session, everything was gone. The 4 fucking hours of work I put into the score was erased. I already looked through the automatic backups, and that was gone too. What do I do?


To be clear, though, MuseScore never ever deletes your score. If you saved it, it is still right in the exact spot where you saved it. So just go to the folder where you saved it and open up the file you saved using the name you saved it as, that simple.

Now, if you're saying you worked for four hours but never bothered to save it, that would be unfortunate. But still not hopeless, MuseScore does an autosave every two minutes. This is what was restored after the first crash. After the second crash, that original autosave file should still be there, even if MuseScore does not offer to restore it this time for whatever reason (maybe you hadn't saved the restored file yet?). So the advice above on how to restore the autosave (different from the backup) file manually should still apply.

But again, none of that should be necessary, just forget the business about autosave files and reasoning sessions and just open the file you saved normally, I promise it's still there if you saved it.

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