Solo / Mute without opening Mixer

• May 31, 2020 - 11:06

Does this actually exist? Not sure. But if not here's my idea:
When you select a measure or a note of a specific part you right-click and see on the small window that appears new buttons: Solo and Mute ... Obvious functions, and probably Mute won't be needed. BUT this will not act like the button in the mixer (which, when you have more than 1 parts of the same instrument ,it will let every part of the specific instrument be heard alone , which actually doesn't sound like solo...) but instead this "solo" button will mute every instrument except the specific part.
We could also have a second solo button which will open a second window which says which voice will be heard, (the first solo button which doesn't open a second window will allow all voices in the part/staff to be heard).


It sounds like you want what Sibelius does. If I want to hear just the oboe part, I select the measure in question, and hit play. Playback of only the oboe part starts from the selected measure. When playback stops, the oboe is automatically un-selected and the entire orchestra can playback without having to do anything. Same goes form multi-select. I can hear the oboe and tuba together, or just the WW section. All without having to go to the mixer and hunt down what instruments I want to hear, then go back to the score to play, then go back to the mixer to un-solo, then back to the score to continue full playback.

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