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• May 31, 2020 - 14:04

I'm looking at using Font Forge to make a bold font for tablature. To this end, can anyone tell me which Windows 10 font MS 3 users for numeric tab?

The font is selected here in MS but there is no Windows font with this name:


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The XML file looks like it defines the font family and character set config whilst the TTF files are the actual font definitions. By being "built in" does this mean that these TTFs are embedded as data in the MS program or that they are stored on the computer somewhere other than the usual Windows font folder?

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But if you're compiling yourself, why not actually attempt to fix (1) to allow a user to select any font from its system instead?

  1. Fair enough, I just wanted you to be aware of the legalities involved in doing so. As long as you don't distribute your copy, you should be fine indeed.

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