Muting voice doesn't work here...

• May 31, 2020 - 17:43

Okay WAT is going on?
I want to hear ONLY the 1st and 2nd Flutes (1st staff) but when I mute the 1st voice of the second staff (as shown in the mixer in the image) I still hear it!!
Seriously, what's going on?

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1. Score:
2. Open the score (lol), then open mixer and (for the specific occasion where I want to listen to the flutes on Number 5) select flutes.
3. Try muting 1 and 2 voices from both 1st and 2nd row... Uh just try toggling them one at a time to see what happens. And then playback at Number 5 (I think 2nd or 3rd page)
For me when I mute some of the voices (I think there's not 2nd voice in 2nd staff)
it seems like nothing is muted.
Generally I see Musescore doesn't handle big scores like this one well (or my processor)

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Can you be more specific about which voice of which staff you are muting and which notes you are still hearing that you don't think you should be? I tried a variety of things and nothing didn't work. Of course, it's a very dense score so it can be hard to tell at first, I also pulled the volume down on other tracks to be sure.

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Solo works for me too. I soloed the flute channel (second channel, since first is piccolo), press the mute button on voices 1 & 2 for the first of the three staves, and heard only the trill on the second staff (third is apparently hidden, the alto flute is a separate channel).

Presumably you know you can do trills with accidentals, you just need a simply workaround to get the playback to be as you'd like.

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No, it's neither a bug nor a problem with your computer. I think you are just getting confused by that alto flute part, it's a separate channel, it's not the third staff of the regular flute part as it looks at first. The third staff of the flute part is empty, and thus hidden.

For trills, I mean the workaround that I am pretty sure has been explained to you - adding an invisible note in another voice. Yes, someday it will be nice to have direct support, but meanwhile, the workaround works and takes only seconds.

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1st... Actually it wasn't my computer, neither a bug, neither me confusing the instruments... actually I just hit the wrong box in the mixer Dx oof why didn't I see that? I'm still sorry for all this... But also thanks for the trills advice. though it should have direct support when somebody wants to put 4 voices in the same stave

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True enough that this trill workaround won't work with four voices on a single staff,f but that is of course incredibly rare, maybe one measure our of 1,000 on average needs that. Also, another workaround that works for this but is also useful for many other situations is to use a separate invisible playback staff. Someday, that won't be needed here indeed, but it's a known limitation, may well be something dealt with for MuseScore 4, not much more point worry about it for now, just use the simple workarounds.

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