No time signature, how to move note away from under the clef

• May 31, 2020 - 23:41

I have no time signature (I'm transcribing a work without one) and I want to get the note to move to the right of the clef (see pic)

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Apparently, you deleted the time signature, and then automatic placement moved the first whole note underneath the tenor clef.
Check this out: click the first note and press up arrow a few times to raise the pitch. You'll see the note move away from the clef (instead of colliding with it).

To fix:
Put the 4/4 time signature back.
Right click the first measure -> Staff/Part Properties... and uncheck 'Show time signature'.

This is a bug we haven't quite prioritized enough to get fixed. The workaround I use to add an "atonal" key signature, this creates the necessary space.

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