Provide option for double staccato marks on notes with tremolo stems

• Jun 1, 2020 - 20:15

Please see attached graphic from an IMSLP score.
The notes in the strings are marked with tremolo and staccato, with two staccato dots above the note heads (indicating that both iterations of the notes should be played staccato).
MuseScore only allows for a single staccato dot. The double-staccato should be an option in cases where it is desired to recreate the source material as faithfully as possible.

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Open the master palette (Z).
Select "symbols" on the left hand.
Search for "dot" and you'll find the combining two dots symbol which can be added to a note by clicking on it in the master palette.
Position it (negate Y-offset) using the Inspector.

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Actually, it is not just double dots, it is quite common to see multiple staccato dots over tremolos, one per articulation. I think the most I have needed (and not managed to implement satisfactorily) is 6 staccato dots over a quaver tremoloed dotted minim. I used stave text but it was a real pain to keep it lined up when tweaking the final layout.

If this would be fully implemented it might fit best as an optional property of the tremolo - add a staccato dot per note. I guess users would then want the marking to be reflected in playback. It could turn into quite a major project. And that is without considering all the other tremolo possibilities - triplet/tuplet tremolos, three (and more) pitch tremolos, etc. Future GSOC project?

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To make playback work, it indeed would become a larger project (unsure about large enough for GSoC, but possibly yes).

Since the symbols palette from master contains both a double and triple combined dot symbol, you technically can create the notation by adding those in the required combination and offsetting them as needed.
Quite tedious and longwinded for a whole score though.

Thinking about possible implementation consequences. At the moment I'd expect this to become an option of the tremolo itself: a checkbox "repeat articulation" in the inspector for example. I've indeed seen it for staccato in some scores, but I'm wondering whether it should also affect other articulations (marcato? tenuto? tenuto-staccato? accent? accent-staccato? …)

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SMuFL glyph names:

  "Combining three dots horizontal", mensuralProlationCombiningThreeDots
  "Combining three dots triangular", mensuralProlationCombiningThreeDotsTri
  "Combining two dots", mensuralProlationCombiningTwoDots

Just for reference... but these seem to be for an entirely different purpose

It is possible to do it via a workaround but it is not quick:
- add a second Voice with the same notes
- add staccato to all notes
- move one set of staccatos Offset X -0.50 and the other +0.50 in Inspector
- flip the 2nd Voice notes vertically
- make one set invisible (or flip the noteheads horizontally with [Shift]x)

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