Importing Musecore 2 to 3

• Jun 2, 2020 - 07:15

Just downloaded Musescore 3 and copied my 2 scores folder to the 3 folder. What a mess there was after opening one score. Didn't recognize repeats correctly, so songs didn't play right.

I used fingering and none of them were positioned properly and the entire score looked squished horizontally.


Repeat processing shouldn't have changed in any appreciable way except that a bunch of bugs were fixed. Also nothing should have changed regarding page or margin size, so nothing should be "squished", unless you mean that there are places where the spacing of the measures was improved a bit in a way that often saves space and allows more measures to fit on a system, so you might want to add system breaks if you prefer looser spacing

It's true that the layout of fingering was vastly improved from 2 to 3, so if you went through the pain of making all sorts of manual adjustments to work around the deficiencies of MuseScore 2's fingering layout, that work won't make sense any more. Usually the easiest is just answer yes when MuseScore offers to reset all your manual adjustment s-= most aren't needed any more. Then you can go back in and reapply any you still want. but you do it the other way to, answering no to the automatic reset then selectively resetting those where your original adjustment clearly no longer makes sense.

Normally once you see what is going on, it takes only a minute or two to clean up an existing score and have it looking better than ever. If you attach an example, we're happy to help.

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