Support for keyswitches to switch between articulation voices

• Jun 3, 2020 - 00:14

Hi there,

Is there any way to use "keyswitches" to change between instrument articulation voices in tools like Kontakt?

Where an instrument has a "normal voice" and a "staccato voice", for example, this would require sending a specific midi note based on the articulation in the score, that triggers the voices to switch.



Having done some more digging, I've found the MIDI Actions dialogs and also that they're not fully implemented yet. Related report here:

Would be great to hear that there's an alternative to getting keyswitches to work. If not, then it's a +1 for getting MIDI Actions finished!


In general, there is work towards building better synthesizer facilities for MuseScore 4. I don't know that this is specifically planned, but it's certainly the sort of thing that we want to make possible.

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Thanks for the quick replies. Also, I gotta say that MuseScore is such an awesome tool! I've recently come back to music notation for the first time since university, and it's amazing to see such powerful software being made available as open source.

Looking forward to v4!


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