Keyboard shortcuts not working?

• Jun 3, 2020 - 04:53

Hi there, I'm working on a Surface Pro tablet that has an attachable keyboard. Keyboard is functioning EXCEPT with musescore. I can only use the keyboard to use "shift" to highlight multiple measures and type in number or lyrics. No shortcuts or pitch changes with arrows are working. I tried restarting the program and my tablet but neither seem to work.

Never had this problem, sometimes my wireless headphones won't connect to the sound but my keyboard has never been an issue. Any thoughts?


I am typing this ion a Surface Pro, and I have no problems at all, so there must be something more specific going on. First thing to try is Help / Revert to Factory Settings, maybe somehow your shortcut definitions got messed up. Are you on US QWERTY or some other keyboard layout? Be sure to choose appropriately during the startup wizard.

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Hi there, THANK YOU! I reverted to factory settings and that helped! I was on the US QWERTY keyboard originally. I think MuseScore may have just glitched. I was using it last week and it was fine, then all of a sudden was no longer working properly. Now it is. Thanks!

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