User velocity offset on Alto Sax not working?

• Jun 4, 2020 - 01:30

hey folks

Was editing a score today, and noticed that when i change velocity values on the piano to USER/75 the volume changes as I expected (it started as USER/25).

However - the Alto Sax part did NOT change voilumes when i adjusted velocty. I even tried extreme USER values (0, -25, 90). Volume always had no change

is this by design? are certain instruments not affected by user defined velocities?



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i will try it, thanks

the drum sections were edited on a midi keyboard, yes. the rest were just imported/reimported.

but my main question - why did the user dynamics work for the piano and bass but not for the sax? thats really the root issue. I like being able to do individual note dynamics. It allows for a much more dynamic playback and keeps the score neat.


For instruments that support single note dynamics, velocity doesn't mean what it traditionally has. It changes the sample used but not necessarily the volume. You'd need to use an actual dynamic marking for that. I actually thought there was something implemented to try to fake that, but I guess not.

If you don't mind giving up single note dynamics, you could switch to the non-Expr version of the sound in the Mixer.

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To be clear: the issue is as I explained, velocity was the old traditional way of controlling volume of a note, but it's just not compatible with single note dynamics. The other staves are instruments that don't support single note dynamics at all, and that's why velocity still works.

Not sure what you mean about trying the dynamic marking, which marking? You can certain add dynamic markings and customize their velocity settings, though, so if that's what you mean, yeah, that should be the way to go.

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