Using visibility for different notation in score and part

• Jun 10, 2020 - 15:44

The attached minimal example illustrates my issue, which is using different notation variants for repeated notes in score and part, respectively.

I have tried to keep the viola part compact and readable by using tremolo notation, whereas in the score, I prefer the expanded version using 16th notes. This kind of works. However in the part, bars are too wide because of the invisible notes.

Can I do something to make the layout engine ignore the invisible notes?

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Possibly workaround, but not workable in some situations. Notate the score in voice 1, the part in voice 2. When creating the part, only link the 2nd voice to it.
* You must notate everything twice and make voice 2 hidden in the main score.
* The part-from-a-voice feature is still quite new, issues with dynamics and other markings belonging by default only to voice 1 are likely.

Better workaround: Use a 2nd instrument
After notation and part creation, you can then mark the instrument invisible in the main score.
* Both viola's show up in the mixer
* Don't forget about it when writing your music
* Easy copy-pasting between the two after re-enabling the visibility for the instrument.

Invisible elements should usually not require any space, most of the time they do this would be a bug.
Here though it might be on purpose, to not break scores that rely on the spacing this creates

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