Incorrect playback of Bagpiping Embellishments and Incorrect tuning.

• Jun 16, 2020 - 08:54

Just before we start this off, I am the Pipe Sergeant of my Pipes and Drums band and have been playing the Great Highland Bagpipes for over 6 years.

I used Musescore as a program to allow me to compose and arrange music for other instruments, as it is my hobby. I've recently taken on a project to compose music for the GHBs and a generic concert band. But, recently, I have come across a problem.

First, the bagpipes tune incorrectly. Due to not being able to play a C (preventing them to tune from C), they tune from A. Depending on the scenario, the bagpiper either tune at A = 466hz (Bb) when playing with other instruments, or A = 475hz (around Bb-B) when playing solo or in a band setting. Because of the inaccuracies in tuning, it has been extremely difficult to actually compose music properly for the bagpipes. On top of this, it gives a lot of composers the false notion that GHBs (which is what I assume the "Bagpipe" instrument in Musescore is referring to) tune to C = Bb. Second, the embellishments are played drawn out like traditionally played in other instruments. Embellishments are done extremely quickly, almost as if a blip or tap. If you would like to hear how the embellishments are supposed to sound, search up some Bagpiping music.


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The main issue is that it isn't pitched correctly. A bagpipe is tuned using the Low A, which sits it at 460hz or 475-480hz. Musescore thinks that it is tuned using C, sitting it at C = 460hz. This makes it impossible to compose for a Bagpipe and Orchestral setting due to how wrong it is pitched. If it was to be played, it wouldn't match the playback provided by musescore

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Are you trying to write with concert pitch turned on or off? I don't know bagpipes, but as far as I know it works correctly if you are in the correct mode for what you wish to see/hear. And if your pipes are tuned differently, you can adjust the tranposition setting in Staff/Part Properties to have it sound however you like.

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