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• Jun 19, 2020 - 03:34

Hi gang!!!

I use MuseScore 3.4.2 Portable AppImage, into Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS (64 bits Linux).

I think I missed something in the way, but...

Is there a way to control the superior and inferior boundaries of the score window in normal mode? ???

I'm talking about the area above and bellow the scores, as is shown in the attached images. I uploaded two new images, with red coloured areas to indicate the boundaries zones I'm talking about.

Can we change those values? How? ???

I'm not talking about a zoom view level, not. I'm talking about to increase and/or decrease those boundaries area independently the zoom level we are using.

Is there a way? ???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile!!!



I'm sorry but I don't understand your request. What boundaries are you talking about? The red circles in your screen shot are not clear to me.

Are you able to produce a mockup of the way you would like it to look?

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Even more, @SteveBlower.

As Ubuntu Studio lets us to use more than one Desktop View (Working Areas), MuseScore should have the capability to display the scores, just the final printed page of scores (without any other element), in a full separated working area (desktop), a full separated window or panel, with a full screen option.

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I'm afraid I still don't understand. Those areas that are normally used to show more of the score must instead be filled with some color, right? If so, what color? If not, how should they look?

Again, it would be most helpful if you created a mockup of how you would actually like it to look.

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If I understand correctly, what is being asked for is for Musescore to display the score on its own in a dedicated window (or perhaps monitor) with the controls shown in a different window (/monitor). I guess the separate windows option would only be useable with a generously large screen size.

Perhaps another way of achieving something similar would be to have the toolbars undockable or perhaps dockable to the left or right screen boundaries leaving more top and bottom space for the (portrait aspect) score.

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Yeah!!! I think it is a very good idea to have the toolbars out of the "standard" place.

But... My central issue is about how empty space MuseScore shows between the score and the physical upper and/or lower boundary of the score panel.

I'm talking about to avoid to see some partially "cut" score and/or lyrics.

It is intended to create videos without those artifacts.

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Sorry, I misunderstood your question with my first suggestion.

Here is your later explanation:
'I'm talking about to avoid to see some partially "cut" score and/or lyrics.
It is intended to create videos without those artifacts. '

Some monitors allow you to physically rotate the screen through 90°, so that the screen is in portrait mode instead of landscape mode. I have not used a so-called "vertical monitor" with MuseScore, but perhaps this would help you to avoid truncating the score visually when making videos?

I was able to simulate a vertical monitor by rotating the display on my laptop. The screenshot shows the entire score page visible at 95% zoom, though I did have to hide the Palettes and the Inspector:


And I did find it almost impossible to enter any commands when the laptop keyboard was vertical: obviously I need to buy an external USB keyboard... ;-)

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"My central issue is about how empty space MuseScore shows between the score and the physical upper and/or lower boundary of the score panel."

No, I am obviously not understanding then. The empty space is only there when you scroll the score display down so that the top of the displayed page is below the editing window top boundary. If you scroll up the gap reduces and then disappears. It looks like this:


Of course, if the score display is zoomed out sufficiently there will always be a gap either at the top or bottom.

You mention creating video. Therefore perhaps you are concerned about what happens during playback, If I use the rewind to start position, no matter where the score was scrolled to, it immediately positions itself to align the top of the score with the top of the window without a gap. During playback no gap appears unless I purposely scroll the score down to make a gap appear. Even then, it disappears when the playback cursor comes to the end of the screen and a new page is loaded into view.

You are obviously seeing some sort of problem that I can't see, perhaps because I am looking at the wrong thing. Please try again and say what operations you doing when this unwanted gap is causing problems.

Are you looking to increase / decrease the vertical height of the blank Top margin and Bottom margin?
If so, this setting is in Format > Style... > Page > Music top margin (and Music bottom margin):
MuseScore - Top and Bottom margin settings.png

To be absolutely clear about the central issue, here is a video exactly I got from the MuseScore Score panel in my screen. I used the "SimpleScreenRecorder" to get the video.

As you can see clearly in those images, there are a lot of times where we lost some parts of the visible scores.

My point is to be some way to avoid this.

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Judging from the video, it looks to me like the issue is that during playback, the currently playing system is sometimes positioned partially out of view vertically. I'm not sure about this because I can't connect it to your previous descriptions of the issue, so could you please confirm that I'm now understanding the issue correctly?

In any case, I can't reproduce the problem on my system. Would you mind posting your score file, and also letting us know what your screen resolution and zoom level are?

Also, as a workaround, have you tried switching to continuous view (and optionally enabling smooth panning)? You may find that the issue doesn't occur in that view.

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I attached the Musescore file of the video.
I use a monitor with a resolution of 1280x1024.
In this video I use the zoom set to "Page width".
I used the maximum score panel the program gives me, with all the toolbars, etc., etc., etc.
And, yes, I guess the continuous view would be better, but... I'm not sure if this is the final solution to this issue.
I really think that there should be an automatic internal command to avoid the "hidden" parts of the score, up and down the visual page, whatever the zoom, mode, monitor, menus, etc., etc., etc. the user uses.
Just my idea.

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