What is this guitar notation?

• Jun 26, 2020 - 15:58

Can anyone guide me about the guitar notation used in measures 4 and 8 of this song by Emilie Zumsteeg (1796 - 1857)?
Q1. What does the notation of a slash mean in this context?
Q2. How would I notate it in MuseScore?
Emilie Zumsteeg - 5 Lieder No.5 - Sehnsucht der Liebe.png

Your answers will be helping the work of the OpenScore Lieder Corpus: thank you in advance!


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It seems that your "wild guess" was pretty close: thanks again! Another source (the OpenScore transcriber @ashmoggs) provided this expert opinion from a classical guitarist acquaintance:

"That's an old notation that wouldn't often be used in modern music. It essentially means the notes above the mark are arpeggiated through the full value of the crotchet leading into the next note.

So the gap between each note in the arpeggiated chord is the same as the gap to the next crotchet. I've only seen it once before in a very advanced piece which had it explained in the notes below the score. Wouldn't often be used in modern music and is a very informal notation only used when six notes are written as one beat (because 6 notes can't be played simultaneously on guitar) to show which notes are played together and which ones are arpeggiated."

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