Plugins in Musescore 3.4

• Jun 26, 2020 - 17:07

I have tried to install a plugin (chordsToNotes.qml) for the last hour. I am on a Mac, and I was hoping to be able to enable playback of chord symbols; I noticed that Peter Hieu Yu's implementation via QSoC didn't make it into 3.4.

I put it in the folder that is specified in the preferences dialog box. Restart Musescore. Open Plugin Manager. The only plugins that show up are the ones in the actual program contents.

I set up the suggested plugin directory: Documents/Musescore3/Plugins and pointed the Plugins folder to that directory in preferences. Restarted Musescore; it still doesn't show up in Plugin Manager.

Can plugins no longer be added to Musescore? Or am I missing something?


Indeed, chord symbol playback is builtin as of 3.5. But meanwhile, certainly plugins still work. not sure what you mean about having "set up" the plugin directory, MuseScore creates that automatically. And the plguin folder in preferences already points ther.e All you need to do is download (and potentially unpack) your plugin to that folder. No restart necessary. So, probably whatever you did creating a folder and changing the preference got messed up, a typo or something. Put it back the way it was and all should be fine.

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