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i can't find anything searching in handbook for retrograde. i posted a similar inquiry for inversion. i gather neither of these options are available on musescore; is this correct? thanks again. Philip


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There was a typo in the download link, which I've now fixed. So feel free to try again.
I write "attempts" because I happen to know that tuplet handling wasn't supported by the plugin framework when it was written, so it definitely can't handle those. It also seems to be limited to single voice/single staff operation.

I don't see one for inversion on, so probably not.

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as i said above i read it but i do not understand what i have to do. could you explain carefully what actual steps i need to do to install and enable it in layman's language. would be appreciated as i am counting on it for the piece i am trying to finish before Monday and i still have lots to do.

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Assuming you have Windows:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Right-click to extract files. (The README tells you how it works.)
  3. Move the NewRetrograde.qml file into your 'plugins' folder - probably C:/Program Files/Musescore 3/plugins
  4. Open Musescore
  5. Click Plugins on top menu, then Plugin Manager - you will see NewRetrograde in the list in the left-hand pane.
  6. Enable it by clicking the checkbox6.
  7. Close Plugin Manager
  8. Click Plugins on top menu again and you will now see NewRetrograde listed - when you click on the name it will run.

Now, according to the README:
"Make a selection of notes, chords, and/or rests, on a single staff with a single voice, then run NewRetrograde to reverse the selection."

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Brer, thanks so very much. this is really helpful.

i do have Windows 10. when i right clicked i did not get something which says README. i have attached a screen shot (i learned how to do THIS last week!). can you tell me which option to follow.

Also, i don't know what is meant by or how to do step 3 to "move" the file into the plugin folder; is this coy and paste or what ?

BTW other than transposing and halving or doubling duration do you happen to know of any other similar automatic compositional devices in musescore?

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Sorry if I confused the issue a bit by mentioning the Readme too soon!
Right click the zip folder and choose "Extract all" (my PC doesn't show any other options).
You will then see another folder called "newretrograde-master".
Inside this folder are three files: License, NewRetrograde.qml and Readme
Copy and paste ONLY NewRetrograde.qml into the plugin folder - the Readme just tells you how to use this plugin.

I'm afraid I don't know of any other such plugins though there may be a list somewhere - I'm an arranger and editor rather than composer.

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when i right click there are 4 options as i think i showed in a screen shot: 1. Open with WINRAR ;2. Extract files .....; 3. Extract here ; and 4. Extract to newretrograde-master/.

Thus there are 3 extract options. i tried it with the 4th and apparently that was wrong. which of the other 3 should i use?

Sorry this is taking so much of your time, i really appreciate your trying to help.

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