Unnecessary Dynamic Markings

• Jun 27, 2020 - 07:58

I have noticed that when I want to add dynamic markings to certain chords, and select the whole chords, it will add such number of markings that the number matches the notes of the chord.

Want to add Forte in a chord of 3 notes: it will add 3 forte markings stacked in the same place...

I'm saying that when you want to remove those markings you'll have to remove all of them, one by one... This might be the case for articulations and other stuff...


Uh perhaps this is more of a bug? Or we can also call it as a suggestion to fix it... Or perhaps it's just a bug. Should I go post it there? With a link ending up here?

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I shift-clicked a chord of 4,5 and 6 notes and then selected basic dynamic markings from the palette... it seems to work finely... although, when you want to put another dynamic it won't delete the previous one... but that's another story. It will also add another marking of the existing one if you select the chord again and click to add another one of it but that's probably something nobody will notice.

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Also tried with some basic articulation... slurts will be added only if 1 note of the chord is chosen... if you select the whole chord it won't add a slurt... i also tried selecting the whole measure below and add a slurt... I like the functionality but the last thing is not the chord but the rest... because even though I have selected the rest too it ends the slurt on the last note... some might want it to end on the rest... and generally the last selected "note-type" thing... or whatever called.

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And which MuseScore version do you use? The above (as mentioned) has been fixed for the upcoming 3.5 already (of which a beta is currently available).

If you still have that issue, then please share the score and steps required to reproduce it.

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