How to put on the "rit. - - - -" symbol?

• Jun 27, 2020 - 17:31

I just enjoyed a sheet on the forum and found this symbol able to slow music. However, I can't find it on the App. Does anyone know where it is? Please tell me, thanks!


And to put in just the symbol, you can start from a text line such as the VII----| one and adjust it using the inspector.

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Jojo How about when you want system text with line, as in a ritard which extends over several measures. I can enter system text and add make a line with underscores but it won't automatically expand and contract with changes in pagination for example. It needs to be system text so that it goes into all the parts. Thanks.

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Please clarify "make it effective".
My answer was an addition to the answer already provided. Use the text line for the visual representation of the score; it has no playback.
Then use the methods referred to in the other post to have multiple hidden tempo markers inserted into the score, for the playback effect.

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