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• Jun 30, 2020 - 16:39

i found the file where my score is stored and it is there in .pdf form, but i cannot figure out how to send that .pdf file to someone. i opened an email and clicked on attach file but when i get to the file there is nothing which says open or attach, only Save, and when i lick on save it says it is saved already. i tried to copy it but nothing happens. Please advice. Thank you.


How to attach a PDF to an email is something you'd need to figure out between your Operating System and your Email client, there's nothing MuseScore can do to help you with it

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i think i figured out a solution. i can drag the file from where it is stored, Desktop/Philip Foster/ App Data/ Local/Musescore/Musescore 3 to Documents or to download. i will do this and then try to attach it from there.

this will mean the file is no longer where it was, so i am hoping that if then click File-Save that it will Save the file again where it had been.

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Egads, that's not a place you should be hiding your scores. Why not save save them normally to the default location the MuseScore3/Score folder directly under your Documents folder?

Assumgin you save to a normal location like that, then in your email program, it's trivially easy to just click the attach button and browse to that location. Or use drag and drop. But definitely, none of this really has to do with MuseScore, it's more about how to use your computer in general, and your particular email program in particular.

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