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• Jul 1, 2020 - 12:38

Hi Just wondering if we can have a setting for big notes on the staff. Using advanced style properties
Staff/part properties - advanced style properties - pitch names in the big notes. the only thing that doesn't grow with the staff and line spacing are the notes.

Like Big Note Piano . example attached.

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Nothing particularly big about those noteheads. But you can have named noteheads. And increase the space setting, which will increase everything, including the note heads

Sounds like you might be making the mistake of increasing line spacing (in staff/part properties - you should never normally mess with that) rather than staff space (in page settings). If you increase staff space,e the notes definitely scale as expected.

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You can do that, but it's not as reliable as doing it in Format / Page Settings. You should only be changing the scale of a staff if you want the scale of that staff to differ from that of all other staves in your score. If you want all staves to have the same size, it's best to do it in Page Settings. Either way, it scales the notes with the staves, but doing it in Page Setting ensures that everything scales accordingly, including things that are not necessarily attached just to that staff. This includes things like tempo markings and voltas that are conceptually added to all staves. Changing the scale of just one staff - even if it's the only staff - won't affect those elements.

Btw. if you really want to increase the note head size without affecting the scaling of the score, there exist a workaround: Select the notes as small inside the inspector, increase "small note size" more than 100% in format->style...->sizes.

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True, and there is also another possibility think I saw mentioned - or maybe I dreamed it :-) - where you simply decrease the line spacing slightly. This leaves the note heads the same size but gives them less space to work with. You could then also increase the overall scaling in page settings.

I can't guarantee everything will line up correctly if you try this though. I also don't really recommend the whole idea of trying to make noteheads bigger than the staff space - far from making things easier to read, it makes it harder, because now notes in spaces don't sit cleanly between staff lines, but actually bleed over them above and below, creating visual clutter that gets in the way of smooth reading. It's like a text font that has lots of rough edges, or reading handwriting from a pen that is running out of ink.

That said, it's kind of fun to consider the possibilities in this, especially with respect to making noteheads smaller than the default, which is actually also a common request.

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Yep, it's more an ugly "hack". I'm not very familiar with E-Z play scores, but after a short research with ecosia ;-), it seems to be common there.
But I wonder, if there exists cases, where it would make sense in general - for example for users with visual impairments or infants. But maybe in these cases it would be make more sense to implement it with a plugin (?).

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Hi Marc I discovered it. Right click on staff then Staff/part properties and scaled it to 210 +/-
The Advanced / Style properties and changed noteheads to Pitch names.
I've got BIG NOTES now. . Wow wee. I'd forgotten how I had previously done it. There is so much in this program, I just forget where things are. I'll attach the chord song that changes with the key signature. Someone has done it as I found it in Love me tender[Big Notes]. When I change the key signature from C to F. The chords change appropriately too. I have no idea how they have managed this.
A lot in this one. Hope not too much. All exciting stuff though for me.

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So you don't think my discovery is any good. Well the other way isn't useful for what I want. I don't need that kind of yap from you. Everything increases the way I do it and I can adjust to fit the page. It's exactly like Big Notes. And your using Love me tender that was to explain something else.

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Your method isn't simple at all (you wrote yourself that you have already forgotten how you did it), increasing staff space is far simpler, and is what Marc told you (and I, earlier), that's all.
Take advice or don't, your choice, nothing about being negative, we're just trying to help.

You're method of increasing one staff's size might be relatively ease, but becomes much more involved on scores with more than one staff in a system. The method Marc I and I propose stay at the same simplicity though.

Also this is a forum, not a private chat between Marc and you, so I don't understand why you are surprised to get replies from people other than Marc?

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You are not understanding at all what I said. I didn't know you could program my old brain to remember everything. Duh!!!! You burst my bubble and you could have taken more care in your words. Just stop harassing me. You could see I addressed it to marc. i think you just trouble making. I'm gone. .

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