Selecting all accent below events selects all accent above events as well

• Jul 1, 2020 - 17:56


There's apparently a bug there that selects all accents when I choose to select all sub types of accents that are accent below.

Can I somehow go around this?


In reply to by Shoichi

Technically they are all just accents, it's somewhat of a bug that they present as different types for above and below. That is mostly just so we can swap out the correct symbol where necessary (ef, marcato flips upside down). It probably never intended you be able to select on that. Although, a separate "Same placement" checkbox in this dialog would be a fine thing to have.

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Right, but what I'm saying is, really, it should be presenting them as the same subtype, because accent above/below are not in fact different subtypes, they just pretend to be. If the goal is to select just the accents below the staff, this should be presented separately, via another checkbox or two as I suggested.

But, if you just want to flip them to the top, there is no need for this dialog - just Select / All Similar Elements (or All Similar Elements in Range Selection) then set Anchor to Above Chord in the Inspector. Or, if you want this as a general style default - like if you are doing percussion music - hit the "Set as style" button ("S" icon) next to that.

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