Could not locate libmp3lame.dylib; tried to install from brew, didn't work

• Jul 3, 2020 - 19:47

When I tried to export mp3 from a score, Musescore says that it couldn't locate libmp3lame.dylib, and ask me to locate the file. I selected the dylib in "Application/Musescore 3 Beta/Contents/Resources/Frameworks", as the app suggested, but Musescore wasn't able to open it.

I couldn't find infos in the the manual to Musescore 3. However, the one to Musescore 2 mentioned that it might be that the libmp3lame.dylib is 32-bit, while my system is 64-bit. It also says that brew users can just install from brew.

So I installed lame from brew, it didn't work; I also tried to copy the dylib installed by brew, and put it in the directory Musescore initially suggested, but it didn't work, either.

Now I am clueless. How do I fix this problem?

Version: 3.5.0 beta
OS: Mac 10.15.4


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In principle, this problem should be solved in 3.5RC (coming soon).
I think Anatoly maybe updated also the 3.5beta package a couple of weeks ago. Can you please try to download it again and re-install?
or maybe you could try a 3.x nightly build (they are in principle even more stable then 3.5beta, at the moment; "master" build are the true builds of the unstable development branch):

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