Tie clash

• Jul 4, 2020 - 15:54

Any advice as to how I can make this better?

Tie 1.PNG
Tie 2.PNG


This is the best I could do. It is not great, especially if you want to maintain the distinction between the two voices, but it is slightly neater I think.


Are those truly ties, so the first note comes in half a beat before the rest of the chord, then it is all held over into the next measure, where they all land on the same three-note chord? Is this piano music or something else?

I'm tempted to say, just change that first note to an eighth and tie it into the chord that comes in later, then tie that whole chord across the barline. Normally I don't like that sort of thing - tying a single note into or out of a full chord - but it might seem nicer here than any other alternative that involves trying to make the tie from that first note not intersect the chord. So, basically, what @steveblower suggests.

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