Default Double Bass Sountfont Sound Issue! Can't play long notes

• Jul 6, 2020 - 05:27

I found this very annoying thing with the default double bass sound (Contrabass Expr.). For one, it cannot play for long before it starts to bug out. For another, from pitches G4 to A4 you can hear something playing with the instrument. It sounds something like a music box or something. Once you hear it though, you can't live with it, so could someone on the Musescore team please do something to deal with this problem?

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The default font is MuseScore_General. I use MuseScore_General_HQ sf3. This also comes with MuseScore, install-able from the Fluid tab. The HQ version has a few improvements. I would be surprised that either version would do what you are saying. The HQ does not. People have asked which font you are using because there are some that act as you say. SSO does for one.

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Contrabass and double bass use the same sound
I'm using the HQ soundfont and don't hear what you describe.
Also I use a later version of it.
I do hear something strand with the default soundfont though, might be a bad loop.
That seems to have been improved/fixed with the updated one, try…
or even…
( I prefer the SF2 ones, as those don't cause a delay in playback after a start of MuseScore)

I guess you're experiencing

Fixed in 3.5 (latest development builds, will be in RC and final)

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