Bug Report on A4 for Double Bass

• May 12, 2020 - 17:28

After the recent February update, the hiccups in playback have come to complete stop. Thank you so much for that. However, for the double bass, the hiccups for elongated A4 notes persist. Example being, if I wrote a double whole note for the double bass on A4 as it plays there is a repeated beating sound. I have placed a file blow so you can hear it is only for A4. Thank you for the fix.


I hear it, I assume that's the sound of the sample looping but not being set up properly for that. Could you please submit an official bug report to the issue tracker (see Support menu, above)?

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I'm talking about the system where the bottom note on a piano is A0. The C just above that is C1, then C2 is the C below bass clef staff, C3 is the second-to-bottom space, C4 is middle C, and A4 is three ledger lines and a space above the bass clef staff. Again, as written, this is quite playable on bass. It is only barely more than an octave up on the G string, which is G3 written - the top space of the bass clef staff. The sounding pitches are all an octave lower.

Here are the written pitches:


This was caused by a bad loop on the "Cello G4" sample (yes, the contrabass uses some cello samples in the higher range). This will be fixed in MuseScore_General 0.2.

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