Is it possible to solve this problem?

• Jul 6, 2020 - 10:31

When I open the Musescore file, this error appears: "Невозможно прочесть файл Этюд_до-диез минор.mscz: неправильный формат. Ошибка чтения XML в строке 12380, колонке 45: sym" ("Unable to read Etude_in_C- sharp_minor.mscz: invalid format. XML reading error on line 12380, column 45: sym").
Is there any way to solve this problem? I wrote this composition for a long time, and it would be a shame to lose it irretrievably.

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Please attach the score here. Or extracz the mscx from the mscz (using e.g. 7Zip), open it with an edit and have a look at the line t complains about. It might be a stray "&" which should get changed into a "&"

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