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• Jul 7, 2020 - 05:59

Hi all. First post ever, so may well be a foolish question.

In the notation software I have used there was a very quick-and-dirty way to do a basic reformatting of a score, just click Score on the main menu then Recalc Layout. All the notes and measures would be automatically adjusted to some marginally acceptable layout.

Is there something similar in MuseScore?


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Thanks for the reply jojo. Perhaps I need to more clear? After opening a MIDI file and extracting the parts, it seems the parts are very dense in places, but sparse in others. A very simple-minded reformatting would be very helpful to get it close.

I am including a file so you can see what I am seeing. If you look at track 1 and 5 the last staff is very sparse. A quick reformat would even out the distribution of notes. Does that make sense?

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It's possible you are looking something different from me, such as if your default page size is different or you are using an older version. But normally, the density should be consistent except possibly for the last system, which will often be less than full. If you prefer the general density to be less, just increase the spacing in Format / Style / Measure.

Other than that, it should 8already* be close except sometimes on the last system if its underfull. There are lots of ways to change this depending on the desired result, but perhaps best is just to add a few line breaks to get that last system fuller. Takes just a few seconds and gives you far more control and intelligence than any completely automatic algorithm ever could.

Thank you all for the input. As I said, I very much a nubby. I will figure out how to do the operations you suggested and will likely feel like a putz afterward, but that's OK. This gives me a direction to head out in!

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