what music font does musescore use and how do I change it?

• Jul 7, 2020 - 12:37

searched the help and don't see an easy answer. Also, is the default music font public domain so that I am able to embed it into exported PDF documents that I may sell?


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ah, thanks. The reason I'm inquiring is that if I embed PDFs generated by finale into indesign, I cannot export the document to word. When I do, the fonts get converted to ariel. Not sure if there is some attribute on the maestro font that won't allow it to be embedded during export but i'm ditching all adobe products and trying to get my indesign stuff into another format and would like to avoid this issue in the future.

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I've never experienced any issue with PDF's from MuseScore, and everything should be completely embeddable. But if you do encounter a problem, let us know, with sample score and steps to reproduce the issue!

I regularly export PDF's from MuseScore, and I do sometimes process these further in Acrobat or other software - eg, combining PDF's for individual handouts into a single file, adding a header with running page numbers, adding bookmarks, etc. Then exporting this to another PDF, importing that to the Kindle ebook creator. That's a lot of processing, and it all seems to go smoothly.

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