Custom dashed lines, or lines of crescendo and diminuendo

• Jul 8, 2020 - 01:12

The wider lines you had for the crescendo or diminuendo (wide dashed lines in general) in version 2 were better. Please make the custom dashed lines wider in the next release. It IS more neater and efficient for me, especially when transcribing.


@Nadine Hill
"The wider lines you had for the crescendo or diminuendo (wide dashed lines in general) in version 2 were better."
I happen to agree that wide-dashed lines are better, and I think there is a solution for you.
Here is what I did (see screenshot):
1. Create a Custom palette.
2. Name your new Custom palette with a meaningful name (mine is "Lines Extra").
3. Create a small score and set up the new Line elements exactly as you want them to be by default.
4. Hold down Ctrl+Shift (Mac: Cmd+Shift), and drag each new Line onto your Custom palette.

Creating a Custom palette.png

Creating a Custom palette is described in detail in the Handbook (applies from version 3.3 upwards):

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"Would accent marks be able to sound on these dynamics? Because from meas. 121-130 in the first movement, it does not make a difference between a regular note."
Look in the Inspector: does an accent allow you to change the Velocity? The only property you can adjust is the Time Stretch, which is not really helpful in this case.

Look again in the Inspector, this time at the properties of each of the sf marks. You have set each sf with a Velocity of 80, although the entire section mm. 118-130 is a gradual crescendo. So the sf marks will have no effect at all. Then compare what you did with the sample score I provided in an earlier post: in that sample score each successive sf has a greater Velocity than the general dynamic level provided by the crescendo. And each sf has a negative Velocity Change to get back to the general dynamic level of the crescendo.

"If not, please make articulations like these sound in the next release."
If you want a new feature, you will need to formulate your request in a more coherent way, with a detailed reason for the proposed change. Have a look at some of the Suggestions that users have added to the Issue Tracker. You will need to filter the Issue Tracker list by Severity = S5 - Suggestion:

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