Set to style for cresc. and dim. lines. for custom dashes

• Jul 14, 2020 - 00:41
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Could you make a set to style function for cresc. and dim. lines to make things easier?


Title A set to style for cresc. and dim. lines Set to style for cresc. and dim. lines.

Y'all also have got to get that 3.5 version going AND the backend update for the sharing site. I am so ready.

I second this. I've found the problem is that the cres. and dim. lines are connected to the hairpins. (If you click the cresc. text, select all similar, and change the line style to dashed, the hairpins become dashed as well. And if you click and choose 'More', the subtype is hairpin rather than its own entity.)

Cresc and dim lines are indeed a subtype of hairpins, so select all similar will select them all. That much is by design, but probably we should make it possible to select by subtype via Select / More.

As for set as style, can you be more specific? Most fo the relevant controls do have set as style buttons. In particular, if you change one crescn lin to dashed and hit the set as style button, it works as expected (meaning, there really isn't a need to use the Select / All Similar Elements in the first place).

3.5 is coming quite soon, and will be updated sometime afterwards. We're just making sure all the bugs reported are fixed.

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The line visibility currently (in 3.4, at least) cannot be added as a style format. Likewise for the option to show/hide begin/continue/end text. (I've also not been able to turn off the continue text. I don't know if that's a bug, but it's a bit annoying. Whenever I untick the 'Continue text' box, it automatically reticks immediately. My workaround has been to go through every instance and just delete the continue text itself.)

It's not quite accurate to say the checkboxes are not supposed to be there, just that when they were added, there was a misunderstanding about how things worked, so they never did what one might have assumed they do. The way they were implemented, they are actually much more like simple collapse buttons, as exist elsewhere in the Inspector. They don't change any actual properties of the element, they just declutter the Inspector. For 3.5, this is now changed, they will in fact actually change the properties as well, setting them back to the defaults.

But it should never be necessary to do any of this individually. The continue text is a style setting already. And you can also easily add customized lines to your palette. The latter also applies to "line visible", although this one indeed is not currently a style setting and could be someday.

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Thanks, Marc. Just to be sure I understand correctly--I could, for example, create a cres. line in my score, modify its properties in the inspector, then Ctrl+Shift+Drag the modified cres. line back to the palette, and then the new cres. line in the palette would maintain the modified properties, regardless of the style settings (from the Format>>Style menu) for that type of score object. Is that right? Or, when adding the new object from the palette, would the Format>>Style properties overrule any modified inspector properties when adding the object to the score?

In theory, the idea is palette items will use whatever style defaults are defined for the score you are applying them too, except for whatever properties you explicitly customized before adding them to your palette to begin with.

So, if you start with a generic score using all defaults (or really, any score with any defaults), then customize just the begin text of the line, then add that to your palette, you should be able to add that customized line to any score and all properties will use that score's own defaults, except it will have the begin text you explicitly customized.

That's the theory anyhow. There may be cases where this doesn't hold, and if so, I think those would be considered bugs and should be reported as such.

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In 3.5 RC, the check box for 'continue text' for cres./dim. lines does not work properly when multiple objects are selected. Example: I select three cres. lines, untick the 'continue text' box, and it applies to only one object (the others are unaffected). Thus, I have to click on each object individually and then untick 'continue text'.

Confirmed. But again, to be clear: unchecking this box is not necessary, nor was it probably ever intended this actually clear the text. The intended way to clear the text is to simply clear the text. And that does work as expected. And also, the set as style button would be the more usual way of saying you don't want continue text in general.

Still, since we went to the trouble of adding the additional feature of letting the checkbox clear the text automatically, it would be good if it worked for multiple elements, if possible.