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• Jul 8, 2020 - 13:27

Can't there be a "print preview"? I don't understand why it's not there next to "print" like on any other software I have used to create printed output.


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If you explain what you mean by "verifiably false"? In general, the page view is indeed the same as what other software might call a print preview. if you have a particular score where you are finding a difference, that might be a bug, so we'd need you to attach the score where you are seeing a difference and explain the difference you are seeing in order to understand and assist better.

Second that this is a critical feature. At a minimum I expect it would:
a) hide all palettes/toolbars/panels irrelevant to previewing appearance to maximize useful screen real estate
b) make the score read-only (currently it's far too easy to accidentally modify the score while trying to navigate around it with the mouse)
c) by default zoom out to show the height of a whole page
d) provide readily accessible controls for navigation (think of a 100-page score in several movements etc., e.g. "previous page" and "next page" buttons, easy ability to jump to a particular page/measure/etc.).

Whether it would make sense to facilitate playback from preview mode I'm not sure, personally I would treat them differently but not all users work the same way.

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The Navigator shows a read-only preview (thumbnail), displays the full height of page(s), and its scale is adjustable by dragging the border separating it from the score.

Small scaling, less Navigator detail:


Larger scaling, more Navigator detail:

In both images, the blue box represents the area that is currently visible in the score area. Score edits are made in the score area. Also, playback functions.

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